11 Jun 2014

The Unified State Exam

The Unified State Exam (Russian language) 82 points. How was I preparing? I just always read a lot :) 

7 Jun 2014

Small joys of my life

My native home 
My lovely mammy
My cute town
My pets

My pretty sister

And finally, just our magnificent world. 
With love, llunik. 

Who am I?

I am firmly sure everybody asked this question for themselves. And no one got an explicit answer. Who am I? A person. A girl. But do I know the certain information about myself? Can I do it? Can I know? Probably, it is the main reason for creating my blog. I will describe all moments of my life on these pages, putting my soul in it. Maybe, this is one of the most crucial steps for understanding. So...Who am l? I am just a person, who has a strong desire to travel, to write, to create, to experiment. Who am I? I will attempt to answer this issue.